Hi-Performance Degreaser


4 Gallon Case

Sunburst Hi-Performance Degreaser is an all-purpose cleaner designed for the toughest cleaning problems in food preparation, food service areas, kitchen floors, ovens, grills, and deep fryers.

Hi-Performance degreaser:

  • Dissolves & lifts away dirt & grime
  • Good for oil spills, heavy grease, and heel marks on floors
  • Cleans counters, floors, carpet, chrome, fiberglass, stainless steel, linoleum, mirrors, porcelain, sinks, upholstery, vinyl, walls, mildew, equipment, wood, cement
  • Safe to use with bleach

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4 Gallon Case


  •  Floors:
    • Tile, linoleum, brick, concrete, wood, etc.
    • 1-2oz per gallon of warm to hot water
    • First wet mop area, then dry mop, squeegee, or wet-vac area. NO RINSING NECESSARY
  • Ovens:
    • Warm oven to approx. 150 degrees
    • Use 1-2oz in a spray bottle mixed with warm water
    • Spray and leave for 5-10mins.  Wipe clean.  Baked on carbon may require a scouring pad. NO RINSING NECESSARY
  • Grills:
    • Warm grill to approx 150 degrees
    • Add 1-2oz of cleaner to a pint of warm water
    • Pour on the grill, let stand for a minute. Wipe or squeegee clean. NO RINSING NECESSARY
    • Re-season grill

Most effective method for cleaning: Mix with warm water.  Spray on soiled area and let stand for 30 seconds or more. Repeat if necessary before increasing the strength of the solution.

Download Safety Data Sheet

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Weight 38 lbs

1 Gallon Unit, 4 Gallon Case


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