ricardo gomez angel rO6709B116E unsplash edited SHOP ONLINE We provide high quality industrial cleaning products at an affordable price. Not only do we have an array of soaps and degreasers, but we have the ability to do custom chemical mixing. Strong. Gentle. Clean.

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General Cleaners

Our general cleaners consist of All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate and Heavy Duty Pine Concentrate. Both are very easy to use and are perfect for any cleanup.

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Degreasers are a cleaner designed to dissolve greases, dirt, and oils from hard surfaces. Each of our degreasers are great for different jobs from cleaning food service areas to engines and auto parts.

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Liquid Soaps

We have soaps for hand washing, dish washing, laundry, and for body and hair. Like our packaging says- our soaps are strong but gentle. They are easy on the skin and give off fresh scents, while making sure to also be effective and get out stains.

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Specialty Cleaners

Our specialty cleaners are best for cleaning glass surfaces or brightening silverware. Just follow the instructions and these products will be fast and effective on their designated surfaces.

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Specially designed to be tough enough to remove debris while being gentle on your hands. Effective formulas that leave no film on dishes, silverware, or glassware, and are ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional use.

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We specialize in industrial level cleaners ready to take on any level of dirt, grime, grease & oil, and more. From dishwasher cleaner to engine cleaner, we have something for everyone’s heavy-duty cleaning jobs with a strong but gentle cleaner. Volume/Size options:

Bottle 1 Gallon
Pale 5 Gallons
Drum 55 Gallons
Tote 275 Gallons

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Reduce your cleaning costs with reliable, Oregon Made products

A Passion For Clean

Sunburst is a family-owned company that's been serving the Portland area for over 40 years. Whether you need a cost-effective product off the shelf or one that is custom blended to your specifications, Sunburst wants to earn your business and your loyalty!

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Safety Data Sheets

Economical. Efficient. Safe.

Our Safety Data Sheets include information such as the properties of each chemical; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical.

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